Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miles and Miles to Go...Through the Woods

I'm a city girl. I have no shame in saying this. I enjoy the noise, the closeness to a hundred amenities, the relative anonymity of being one of a hundred thousand. Having said that, I don't like big cities. My hometown caps out at slightly under 200,000 and during the summer we lose at least 50,000 of that--the colleges empty out and Tallahassee becomes something out of a ghost town. Traffic is easier to deal with and people are just nicer than during the school year.

Despite--or maybe because--of my love for the city, I'm both intrigued and freaked out by nature. Nature being woods. I'm not freaked out by fields. Well, as long as the grass is short. When it gets really tall I'm reminded of scenes from The Lost World and Predators. I'm not freaked out by lakes or rivers or oceans. Well, unless I've watched something like Lake Placid or Piranhas or whatnot. Come to think of it, nature is pretty brutal, so I guess being freaked out by it isn't all that weird.

But the woods are where the major freak out area. Maybe it's the limited visibility. Maybe it's all the weird random noises that you hear in the woods. Who knows, maybe it's all the flippin' green. Whatever the reason, the woods freak me out. So it's interesting that most of New Moon Rising is set in a highly wooded area, if not in the actual woods.

I'm not writing to overcome my freaked out feeling about nature. That's just the way the story needs to be written. But it's interesting writing slightly outside of my comfort zone. We'll see how long that holds up, but for now it's different and enjoyable. And now I'm going to eat lunch with my friend who will not stop yapping at me until I get up and get dressed and go listen to her whine about something, who knows what it is this week, until we both start laughing about ridiculousness.

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