Friday, October 1, 2010

Promotion--Otherwise Known as Talking A Lot

This blog will be short. Why? Because I'm both tired and hungry. I'm tired because I am once again playing substitute manager and I just pulled a close/open. I'm hungry because, well, it's dinner time. And I think I'm entering the carb crashing part of Atkins, but I digress.

First, I'd like to thank all the reviews I've gotten recently. Amber at, Neil Kirby at, and the reviewers from goodreads and Amazon. Slowly but surely the word is being spread. I've just sent out a slew and a half of review requests and I hope to hear back from those soon.

I'm also in the middle of planning a blog tour (which hopefully some of those reviewers will help with). I'll admit, I'd never heard of a blog tour until recently, but as someone with both limited time and limited funds, it's appeal is massive. If things go well, I'll spend the last week of October talking quite a bit. And while I love to talk, I think it's better that it's being done via typing--my boss gets angry when I get laryngitis.

In the spirit of promotion, I will be doing a give-away. Yes, I'm giving things away. One random reader/commenter will receive a copy of Shades of Gray for free. But wait--it gets better. They will also receive a copy of the sequel, Shades of Desire, for free. Two for the price on none. It doesn't really get any better than that. And if it does, you should ask yourself where the catch is, because there probably is one.

Rules are simple. Leave your name in a comment. If you're a fellow author, you can link to your blog or book. The contest (although there really isn't a competition per se, but that's the word that comes to mind) will run from now until October 24. I'll announce the winner on the 25th, and ship the books as soon as I get an address.

Now--let the game begin!


  1. Woohoo! Great contest.

    I've had my eye on Shades of Gray.

    It looks awesome.

    Much success in all future writing endeavors. Keep those wonderful reads coming.

    Best, Keta
    Where The Rain Is Made

  2. Can't wait to read Shades of Gray
    Keep up the great work

    T. Lynne Tolles
    Blood of a Werewolf
    Blood Moon
    Blood Lust
    Bloodstone Heart

  3. Hi L.M. -
    Best of luck to you on all your books. I'd love to win them! Thanks for the contest.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  4. Really enjoyed Shades of Gray. Can't wait for the sequel! :-)

  5. Giving it a go.

    My blog can be found here:

  6. Congratulations on the upcoming sequel! I hope the blog tour brings you much success.

    Alisha Burdette

  7. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    From the Shadows[at]gmail[dot]com