Tuesday, October 12, 2010


First, the contest is still alive and kicking. I'm probably going to extend it for a week to try and get more entries/participants. Same rules are still in effect--throw your name in the comment section and away you go.

Moving on--I'm not entirely certain what to blog about. My options are by no means limited, I just don't find myself sufficiently intrigued enough by any of them to devote numerous paragraphs to them. So I'll just wander at random and see what happens, hence the title of Potpourri. Although maybe it's more like putanesca. But then again I'm not entirely certain what putanesca is, either. I just like the word.

I both love and loathe it. I love it because I get to read a story I'm interested in (obviously. I wrote the dang thing) but I loathe it because it's monatanous. And it seems to be never-ending. I know it's not and I know it's a necessary evil--but it is evil. Editing is one of those moments where I'm always reminded of the quote/answer to do you like writing--I like having written.

Yes, I'm aware of the strangeness of that subtitle/bullet point, but bear with me. Quite a bit of my reviews are from independent readers. That is, they said they were willing to do reviews and I sent them free copies, usually in PDF (it's cheaper and it's greener, both of which are awesome things). Thanks to the back and forth e-mail, I get and hopefully they get a more in-depth experience. This isn't to say that it's all been hearts and flowers. Is there a negative review? Kind of. Does it bother me? Kind of. Am I questioning their opinion or stating that it's wrong? Nope. Because it's her opinion. She's entitled to it, she paid money for the book. I'm inclined to believe that by neither praising a good review or apologizing for a bad one, I'll be benefited in the end. Why? Because my readers (and I'm vain enough to say that there will be multitudes--hopefully) will be able to comment and discuss without fear or worry that myself or a site moderator will swoop down from the Internet heavens and flog them for daring to have a difference of opinion. So readers--do your thing.

New Design
Finally (because that last paragraph was really long--longer than I meant for it to be), I'll close out by saying--Look! There's new stuff! You can now read the first chapter of both Shades of Gray and Shades of Desire. Awesome, right?
Yeah, I know. It is awesome.

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  1. Hi, L.M., a review of your book Shades of Gray is now posted on the main page of The Romance Reviews review site (http://www.theromancereviews.com). You may have seen the review before, since it was done by the blogger at The Bookish Snob. By having it reposted at The Romance Reviews, your book is having additional exposure.

    We also invite you to come and sign up with us. Membership is free (for readers and authors), and at the moment, we have a promo ongoing that we feel would benefit authors. Hope to see you! If you have questions, feel free to email me at carole@theromancereviews.com. Thanks!